Waves (WAVES): Get Ready to Ride the Crypto Bull to $5!

• WAVES is the native token of the Waves blockchain which enables users to create new and custom crypto tokens.
• In Waves (WAVES) price prediction 2023, we use statistics, price patterns, RSI, RVOL, and other information to analyze the future movement of the cryptocurrency.
• The bullish WAVES price prediction for 2023 is $3.268 to $5.198 while bearish predictions are at $1.331.

What is Waves (WAVES)?

Waves (WAVES) is the native token of the Waves blockchain launched in 2016. This blockchain enables users to create new and custom crypto tokens as well as allows developers to create and launch decentralized apps (dApps) via custom smart contracts. The ledgers on Waves operate on leased proof-of-stake (LPoS), a special PoS consensus mechanism which lets users participate in the block validation process by leasing their WAVES tokens in specialized nodes. WAVES is deployed in the governance of the blockchain and can be staked or leased for rewards which can be traded on its native Waves exchange as well as third-party centralized exchanges (CEXs).

Waves (WAVES) Current Market Status

The current market status of WAVES shows that it ranks 122nd on CoinMarketCap in terms of its market capitalization with a 24 – Hour Price Change 2.7% up with a circulating supply of 100 million coins. Its all-time high was recorded at $61.30 on March 31, 2022 while its current price stands at $1.41 according to CoinMarketCap .

Waves (WAVES) Price Prediction 2023

In order to make a valid WAVES Price Prediction 2023, we need to analyze various aspects such as statistics, price patterns, RSI, RVOL etc. Currently, there is a right angled descending broadening wedge pattern present in Wave’s chart which signals that if it continues then it may reach resistance levels of $2.438 and $4.541 while if reversed then it could fall down to support level of $1.320 .

Resistance Support Levels

The possible resistance and support levels for WAVES/USDT have been depicted below: Resistance Level 1 -$3268; Resistance Level 2 -$4541; Support Level 1-$1320; Support Level 2-$1050 .


To conclude our analysis for Wave’s Price Predictions 2023 we believe that if all goes according to plan then this currency may reach levels up to 5 dollars soon however there are no guarantees so investing should only be done after proper research has been carried out about this cryptocurrency first!