Study: American bank branches do not respond adequately to coronavirus

Despite the ongoing Corona crisis, only a few banks ask their customers to use online banking.

A new study examined how 15 American banks reacted to the Corona crisis in their branches

The researchers found that only in three banks were employees wearing a face mask at all times. This reflects the inadequate hygiene measures taken by the banks, which the study now reveals.

To do this, the researchers covertly tested 700 branches of the market-leading banks across North America, including Bank of America, Chase, Citibank and TD Bank. Taken together, the 15 banks examined operate more than 33,000 branches.

The ATMs seem to be the banks’ greatest weak point, as disinfectants were only found at 19% of the ATMs tested and partitions were installed between the machines in only 20% of the branches.

Another major point of criticism from the study operators is that the banks do not adequately inform their customers about alternative methods of using their banking services. Only 22% of banks actively encourage their customers to use online banking and only 15% ask their customers to use the ATM instead of the counter.

The bank counters were only cleaned in only 19% of the branches after each customer, the ATMs were only cleaned in 7% of the branches after each use

The Corona crisis has clearly highlighted the need for contactless payment. Cryptocurrencies are one of the possible ways to drive this forward. The United States is lagging behind other countries in contactless payment. And so it seems no coincidence that 14 of the world’s leading banks lost almost 365 billion US dollars in market value during the Corona crisis .