EQBR Unveils Next-Gen Blockchain Development Platform – EQ Hub at CES 2023

• EQBR Holdings (“EQBR”) announced the unveiling of EQ Hub, a next generation blockchain development platform at upcoming CES 2023.
• EQ Hub provides no code programing environment for both business users and developers. It also provides a rich smart contract library for developers to build a broad range of dApps quickly.
• With EQ Hub, developers can build and operate a brand new L1 blockchain network using a very simple user interface in less than an hour.

EQBR Holdings (“EQBR”), a Web3 business solution provider, recently revealed that they will be unveiling EQ Hub, a next generation blockchain development platform at the upcoming CES 2023 to be held in Las Vegas between January 5, 2023 and January 8, 2023. This revolutionary product seeks to remove any barriers in Web3 technology adoption and make the process of blockchain development easier and more accessible for everyone.

EQ Hub is a comprehensive blockchain development platform that provides both business users and developers with the tools they need to build and deploy dApps on the blockchain. For business users, EQ Hub provides a selection of pre-built dApps that can be quickly configured and customized to suit their needs. It also provides a simple user interface that makes the process of setting up a new blockchain network as easy as a few clicks.

For developers, EQ Hub provides a rich library of smart contracts that allow them to quickly and easily build a broad range of dApps including DeFi, games and NFT. What sets EQ Hub apart from other blockchain development platforms is that developers can build and deploy a new blockchain network on the Equilibrium mainnet in less than an hour. Moreover, the EQ Hub service is available in the cloud so any developer can connect to it and start building.

Hyunki Lee, the Chief Technology Officer of EQBR, commented on the unveiling of EQ Hub: “We are very confident that Equilibrium’s performance surpasses other blockchain mainnet in terms of scalability and stability but using EQ Hub does not necessarily mean developers must use the Equilibrium mainnet. Developers may build their own mainnet using EQ Hub and interoperate with other L1 blockchain networks such as Ethereum or BNB using our gateway service. We do believe that our product will make a significant contribution to the Web3 development ecosystem.”

EQBR is set to launch EQ Hub at CES 2023 and will be offering a free trial period for all developers who sign up and start building. With the launch of EQ Hub, EQBR is hoping to make blockchain development easier and more accessible to everyone.