Core Scientific Achieves 1,030 Bitcoin in June: Operations Update


• Core Scientific Inc. announced production and operations updates for June 2023.
• The company operated approximately 210,000 owned and colocated bitcoin miners and produced 1,030 self-mined bitcoin and 508 bitcoin for colocation customers.
• Core Scientific works with utility companies to enhance electrical grid stability.

Data Centers

Core Scientific operated a total of 210,000 owned and colocated Bitcoin miners in their data centers across Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota and Texas as of the end of June 2023. These miners had a potential hash rate of 22.1 EH/s.


Core Scientific’s self-mining operations produced 1,030 Bitcoin in June using its 144,000 Bitcoin miners with a potential hash rate of 15 EH/s.

Colocation Services

In addition to self-mining facilities, Core Scientific provided data center colocation services for 66,000 customer-owned Bitcoin miners which represented 31% of the total number of miners operating in the data centers by month end. These customer-owned Bitcoin miners produced 508 Bitcoin in June.

Grid Support

Due to seasonal high temperatures in June 2023, Core Scientific powered down its data center operations several times resulting in 12444 megawatt hours being curtailed from production that month. The company continued to work closely with utility companies and surrounding communities to provide enhanced grid stability during these power outages.