Reaches 1M Engaged Users in Less Than 7 Weeks!

• Ault Alliance and BitNile Metaverse announced that the platform has reached one million engaged users in less than seven weeks since launching its early access phase.
• The Platform provides 3D immersive games, eCommerce, live streaming entertainment and social networking without the need for plug-ins, downloads or apps.
• The first of many expected social gaming experiences offering eligible users a chance to win real-world prizes will roll out May 1st.

BITNILE.COM Reaches One Million Engaged Users

Ault Alliance, Inc., a diversified holding company, and BitNile Metaverse, Inc., the company operating the rapidly growing virtual world, (the “Platform”), announced that the Platform has surpassed 1,000,000 engaged users in less than seven weeks since launching its early-access phase.

Download-Free Access To The Metaverse

The 3D Platform can be enjoyed with or without a costly virtual reality headset and is accessible through a browser-based format without plug-ins, downloads or apps. Founder and Executive Chairman of Ault Alliance Milton “Todd” Ault III commented on the success of the preview version of their platform: “We are still in ‘preview’ mode with very little interactive content… but that is changing rapidly as we are planning to add some great new games and in-world features this month.”

New Features And Functionalities Coming Soon

BitNile Metaverse owns and operates the Platform through its wholly owned subsidiary, Inc (“BNI”). BNI is working on implementing a tiered rewards system on the Platform to encourage users to visit frequently and stay for extended periods. Advertisers will also benefit from increased “stickiness” when inventive advertising models are implemented on the Platform. President of BNI Douglas Gintz spoke about their upcoming features: “We are targeting May 1st for the rollout of the first of many expected social gaming experiences that will offer eligible users a chance to win real-world prizes.”

Benefits Of BITNILE

Through BITNILE’s reward system and added features such as games offering real world prizes it gives people an incentive to use their platform over others while providing advertisers with more effective ways to reach potential customers. As well as being able to access this all without any downloads it makes it easy for anyone who wants access without having to commit too much time or money into it which makes all these benefits even greater because they can be accessed easily by anyone who wishes too no matter how tech savvy they may be.


In conclusion BITNILE is quickly becoming an attractive platform for those interested in accessing a metaverse style environment due to it’s lack of expensive hardware requirements combined with easy accessability via web browsers as well as various reward systems aimed at keeping people engaged over long periods of time making them more likely to buy products advertised within this digital space!